Harrison Food Factory set to launch 2nd Half 2024

Harrison Food

Situated at 7 Harrison Road, Harrison Food Factory set to launch in 2nd Half 2024. Comprises of only 42 units of food factory, this development is expected to be a sell-out development.

Food Factory Zone

There are numerous launches of food factories currently, but they are mostly nested in the northern region including CT Foodnex and Smart Food. As of time of this writing, Harrison Food is the only new launch food factory selling on the market with a city fringe address.

On top of that, out of those existing nearby food factory such as Magtaggart Foodlink and Citrine Foodland, Harrison Food is the only food factory with ramp up facility and can do loading and unloading right at door step.


Potential of Harrison Food Factory

Harrison Food Factory Central Kitchen

Nestled in a Macpherson Mature Estate

Located near Macpherson estate, business owner here at Harrison food set to benefit with its city fringe location. Owners here can make use of food delivery platform to do food delivery to residents residing in Macpherson estate, Bidadari estate, Hougang Estate and also upcoming transformation at Paya Lear Air Base.

Business owners with numerous outlets will also benefit with logistics with speed to delivery their products / ingredients to different outlet with its city fringe location.


Be part of Bidadari Transformation

The transformation of Bidadari is part of Singapore’s broader efforts to meet its growing housing needs while preserving green spaces and historical heritage. Bidadari’s redevelopment plan, initiated in the 2010s, focused on creating a “community in a garden,” offering residents a blend of modern living spaces and lush, green environments.

The area now features a mix of public and private housing, with amenities such as parks, commercial facilities, and a transportation hub that enhances connectivity. Central to Bidadari’s transformation is the preservation of its rich history and natural beauty, with elements like the Alkaff Lake and the Bidadari Greenway, which serve as green lungs and community spaces.

Bidadari Transformation reflects Singapore’s vision of sustainable urban living, where history, nature, and modernity coexist harmoniously.


Be part of Paya Lebar Airbase transformation

The transformation of Paya Lebar Airbase in Singapore marks a significant redevelopment project, reshaping the urban landscape and optimizing land use in the city-state. Slated for completion in the coming decades, this ambitious project aims to convert the military airbase into a vibrant new township, promising a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

This Paya Lebar Airbase redevelopment is a part of Singapore’s strategic plan to decentralize its urban core, alleviating congestion and fostering balanced regional growth. The envisioned Paya Lebar township is expected to feature sustainable urban solutions, green spaces, and enhanced public transportation networks, making it a model for future urban developments.

Moreover, the project underscores Singapore’s commitment to sustainable development and innovation, creating a liveable and environmentally friendly urban habitat. The transformation of Paya Lebar Airbase is not just about creating new physical spaces but also about fostering community spirit and enhancing the quality of life for future generations.


Rare Freehold Tenure Status

Most commercial and industrial property with leasehold tenure often see the value of their property drop over time as the tenure get shorter.

With Harrison Food freehold tenure status, this development is good both for own use as well as investment to leave a legacy for next generation. Investors can maximise their rental yield by converting their food factory into multiple central kitchens where 1 unit can rent to different parties with their own kitchen space to maximise rental yield.